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Structured Query Expressions Editor
Simple tool designed to query databases using SQL/MDX, no administrativia or excess features. Additional features include optimizer and syntax helper.

This is an attempt to create a tool that is as useful for BI Analyst as SSMS, but without any administrative UI features, while allowing some sugar for those who are busy with SQL/MDX. Features currently supported:
  • SQL queries support:
    • .NET Provider only
    • SQL syntax highlighting
    • T-SQL functions highlighting
    • Stored procedures and functions context help
    • Database objects context help
    • SQL Database visual tree
  • MDX queries support
    • MDX syntax highlighting
    • Cube objects context help
    • Cube functions context help
  • UI
    • Multiple query / multiple source support
    • Fully async query execution - no hangs guaranteed
    • Query results sorting

Upcoming features include:
  • SQL / MDX / DMX query joins:
    • RAM Join - using client resources to perform join
    • Server join - transforming query to allow execution on server (via linked server for MS)
    • MDX Optimizer Hints (like usage of Having, heavy crossjoins etc.)



Please take into account that project is in active phase, so don't rely on recommended downloads, check latest changeset first! As soon as all features announced would be covered, app will get beta release and compiled source available for download.

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